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Personal Injury Attorney in Louisiana For over 28 years, Larry Curtis has worked as a Lafayette, Louisiana maritime lawyer for oilfield workers and their loved ones when the unthinkable happens as a result of the negligence of others. A variety of oilfield or other maritime accidents can occur: a well blows out during routine drilling operations aboard a jack-up rig in the Gulf of Mexico and four crew members are severely burned, a collision occurs in the Panama Canal between a derrick barge at anchor and a Turkish freighter and the barge electrician suffers career-ending injuries, two crew boats working along the Mississippi River south of New Orleans crash while running full speed in the fog and the lives of five passengers are changed forever, or a violent explosion occurs aboard a construction barge working off the coast of Saudi Arabia and several men are instantly killed. This type of accident is a very real possibility, and during these traumatic times it is important to have an aggressive, experienced maritime law personal injury attorney like Larry Curtis. He works with maritime workers beyond the typical scope of offshore oilfield or seaman injury:

  • Lafayette Maritime LawyerLarry has worked as a personal injury attorney for oilfield workers injured or killed while being transported to an offshore oilfield by helicopter, due either to pilot error or flight equipment failure.
  • He has also been maritime personal injury lawyer to diving tenders injured or killed while working on the surface in support of underwater oilfield operations, as well as divers injured or killed while working on the sea bottom or as a result of improper or inadequate decompression.

Lafayette Maritime LawyerThose who have watched Larry at work conclude very quickly that he is tough, aggressive and relentless. As your personal injury lawyer, he knows maritime accident law in great detail, and is willing to fight for his clients’ fair compensation. His decades of experience as a personal injury attorney make him someone you can rely on to get results, and his caring attitude towards clients means that he will treat you with the respect you deserve. No other personal injury attorney knows maritime law the way Larry Curtis does, so if you want to get fair compensation, call him today. Larry always puts his clients first.

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