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How to prevent dock worker injuries in Louisiana

Working on a dock can be very dangerous. There’s so much going on that you could lose track of a piece of equipment or even forget to put on your hard hat. Either way, you could wind up involved in an accident that could put you out of work for an extended period. You need to stay as safe as possible when at work on a Louisiana dock so you don’t find yourself sitting in the hospital.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure dock safety is check all vehicles used at the dock. When the vehicles are not being operated, they should be locked so they do not roll away, causing an accident that could wind up being incredibly tragic.

All edges of the dock should be painted bright yellow in an effort to warn workers that they are in danger of falling. The yellow line should be on all edges of the dock, whether or not the edge is near water or land.

All of the workers at the dock need to be trained properly when it comes to safety procedures they should follow. Any workers who have yet to be trained should be kept off the dock in an effort to avoid accidents.

Do not conduct dock jumping. There might be more than one dock at your complex. Do not jump from dock to dock. This can lead to serious leg injuries. Instead, be sure to travel to another dock in an appropriate manner.

Dock injuries are all too common in Louisiana these days. Many of the accidents that occur at loading docks can easily be prevented if workers follow safety procedures or take the time to ensure that there are no hazards around them.

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