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Are all personal injury attorneys the same?

It may seem that personal injury attorneys are all the same because their main mission, first and foremost, is to get compensation for their clients. In addition, all personal injury attorneys must do two things:

  1. Adhere to both ethical rules professional codes
  2. “Pass the bar” examination to practice law, file complaints, argue cases, offer legal advice and so forth

Beyond these two things, personal injury attorneys can be very different.

What makes attorneys different

There are firms and attorneys who want to take as many cases as possible and close them all quickly. These attorneys typically will not take a case to court. Many people liken these types of firms to a “mill” because the firm churns out settlement after settlement quickly.

There are other firms and attorneys who understand that while sometimes it is in the client’s best interest to settle, other times it is not. These attorneys are willing to take a case to trial because they have the experience to know when to pursue a case that is worth more than the settlement offer.

4 things your attorney should do for you

  • Your attorney has an obligation to interview you and assess your case.
  • He or she should research the facts of your case and, when necessary, deposition witnesses.
  • Your attorney should also understand the severity of your injury or illness and what will be required to maintain your current lifestyle and pay all of your medical and related bills. This is necessary so that you get the settlement or verdict you deserve.
  • Your attorney is obligated to confidentiality and should be looking out for your best interests, not their own.

How can you tell if an attorney will win?

The answer is you can’t. While we would all like to have guarantees in life, the truth is that there are few. However, it is usually a very good sign if an attorney has a history of attaining large settlements or verdicts for clients. This shows that the attorney typically takes cases that have merit and has the skill to see these cases through to a positive result.