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These injuries are more common among commercial fishermen

As someone who works in the commercial fishing industry, you should be aware that there are hazards in your workplace. From falling overboard a ship to hurting your back while lifting heavy loads, you’re exposed to many risks on the job.

There are some injuries that are more common to people in your industry. For instance, repetitive motions can lead to repetitive motion injuries like tendinitis or carpal tunnel, both of which can be extremely painful and debilitating.

What are common injuries among fishermen?

  • Lower back injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Wrist injuries

How can fishermen avoid injury?

There are many good options. For instance, if you’re currently processing your fish on the deck of the boat, installing a table-height platform for the same task could help limit back injuries. Similarly, reducing lifting motions by using slides to get fish from one place to another can be a good option for some boats.

The overshadowing issue in the fishing industry is that many people think that injuries are just a result of years spent fishing. Younger people tend to think it’s only the older generation that will suffer from injuries, but that’s not the reality. It’s younger people who begin wearing down their bodies, and by the time they’re older, it turns out that it’s them who struggle with chronic pain and injuriesr.

Dealing with injuries in the workplace and preventing them when possible will help everyone live a more comfortable life and have a more successful career. Good ergonomics are just the start for the fishing industry when it comes to safety.