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What are maritime workers entitled to after an injury?

Vessel owners are responsible for paying for the unearned wages, maintenance and cure relative to injuries that happen when a seaman is providing a service on the job. Injured parties who can show there was negligence or unseaworthiness on the part of the employer may also seek damages similarly to other types of personal injury victims.

As someone who has been hurt on the job, your primary concern should be recovery. Focus on getting the medical care you need and your health. Your claim against your employer should provide compensation that will cover your lost wages and other benefits.

What are maritime workers entitled to as compensation after an injury?

It is typical for workers to seek compensation for:

  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pre-judgment interest
  • Found
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reasonable past and future medical expenses

Found, the most unusual of the above, refers to the losses a person can include in a claim for the lost value of lodging and meals that would have been received if he or she had remained a seaman.

Keep in mind that seamen can seek compensation for the loss of earnings both in the past and present. They may also seek compensation for any losses expected in the future, so that they can focus on recovery instead of going back on the job too soon or in an unsafe capacity. Emotional stress is something workers are able to claim for with or without a physical injury, which was changed in 1995. Beneficiaries may also make a claim if they have suffered losses as a result of this person’s injuries.