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3 things that can make dock workers safer

Dock workers face a lot of daily hazards on the job, and they need to take as many steps as possible to stay safe. This will not guarantee that accidents do not happen, but it may reduce the odds of an accident and/or the severity of that accident.

Below are three things that can help significantly:

  • Put safety before productivity. It is sometimes less efficient to use safety equipment or have routine safety checks to look for hazards. However, rushing and cutting corners both lead to serious accidents. Safety must come first. It must be a priority.
  • Give workers proper training. Even if a worker technically causes an accident, it may not actually be that worker’s fault. Did they get proper training? Were they actually certified to use the tools they were using? Again, many companies prioritize production, so they want workers to get on the job as fast as possible. That can mean giving them inadequate training — or none at all — and that’s when people get hurt.
  • Focus on communication. A lot of accidents just happen because of simple communication mistakes. A worker does not know that heavy machinery is being used in the area and accidentally walks into a hazard zone, for instance. Workers have to be on the same page, and they have to communicate to keep each other safe.

Again, accidents are still going to happen. No shipyard or dock is completely safe at all times. Those who get hurt, especially when they got insufficient training or faced unreasonable risks, need to know about all of the legal rights they have.