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Maritime accidents pose a unique risk to seamen

Seamen who are injured offshore usually have a long road to recovery. Many of the accidents that occur in this industry are very serious and lead to catastrophic injuries. There is a chance that the seaman might not be able to return to work for a while after the accident. In some cases, they will never be able to return to their job.

We understand that you might not know what options you have now. We are here to help you learn about how the Jones Act and other laws might apply to your case. In order to do this, we need to look at the specific circumstances.

Many individuals don’t realize that most seamen aren’t covered by workers’ compensation. This is one of the reasons why is it is so important for these hard-working men and women to have protections under other laws. When they are injured, they shouldn’t be held liable for the costs incurred.

There are many circumstances that fall under these laws. Some of these include not having proper training and not keeping equipment maintained. Essentially, companies that operate seafaring vessels must ensure that their workers have what they need to do their job duties safely.

One tragic occurrence that can impact workers who are out to sea is that it is impossible to get a rapid response for emergency treatment. You can get basic first aid on the vessel, but more serious injuries will require you to be evacuated. Waiting for the evacuation can be excruciating and might mean the condition worsens.

We realize that you just wanted to earn a living, but now you have to deal with the impacts of an injury. We are here to help you assert your rights under the Jones Act and other maritime laws.