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Cruise ship injuries: Were you hurt on your journey at sea?

Louisiana residents love to escape life for a little while by going for a cruise, and the last thing they expect is to get hurt on their vacation at sea. Nevertheless, every cruise ship is fraught with dangers and sometimes cruisers return home with serious injuries.

Other times, they don’t even make it home because they died in a catastrophic accident on the boat. When situations like this happen, injured vacationers — and family members of vacationers who die — may be able to pursue financial claims that hold the cruise ship company financially responsible for the incident.

Here are some of the most common accidents and injuries that happen on a cruise boat:

Slip-and-fall incidents: A cruise boat is rocking back and forth through the ocean, and it can be full of slippery areas. Combine this with the fact that most cruise boat passengers have not been on the boat long enough to develop their “sea legs” and you have a recipe for slip-and-fall risks. In some cases, a cruise boat will be liable for the slip-and-fall injuries that happen.

Food poisonings: Cruise boats do their best to remain hygienic with it comes to the food they serve, but given the contained environment off the ship, the slightest hygiene mistakes and negligence on the part of the cooks can result in a serious outbreak of food illness.

Missing people: It’s tragic to think of the possibility but some people who go on board a cruise ship never come back to land again because they fall of the boat and get lost at sea. In certain situations, the cruise boat company will be liable for the death of missing persons.

Assault: With so many drunk people on board, it’s not uncommon for cruise ship passengers to become the victims of assault. These passengers may have viable claims for financial restitution relating to their injuries and damages.

Were you hurt on a cruise boat? Explore your legal rights and options now, as the law may be on your side to pursue a legal claim for damages relating to your maritime accident.