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How much is a finger worth?

Our November 2 blog post was about the potential dangers tug boat operators face. A common danger is the loss of a finger or hand. 

While the loss of a limb may be “uncouth” to chat about in polite conversation, talking about dangers on the job, real world injuries and compensation is important. 

Compensation for damages

A person who suffers a permanent injury on the job is usually eligible for compensation for not only the damage but for future lost wages as well. However, the amount of compensation for the same body part differs dramatically from state to state. The numbers vary wildly when it comes to state workers versus federal workers. 

For example, according to a report by ProPublica , a state worker’s compensation research group, a thumb is worth $31,500 in Louisiana but worth $39,732 in Texas. The national average compensation for a thumb is $42,432. Interestingly, the national average compensation for the loss of a testicle for a state worker is $27,678 but $98,108 on average for a federal worker. There no current data for Louisiana on this.  

Rates for lost or damaged body parts in Louisiana

State workers in Louisiana might like to know this body part data (from 2015): 

  • Loss of a hand = $94,500
  • Loss of an arm = $126,00
  • Loss of a foot= $78,750

The only body part compensation that is higher in Louisiana than the national average is the pinky. At $12,600 it was $1,257 higher than the national average of $11,343.

Of course, these number are only for state workers. Every injury case is unique. If you are injured on the job it is in your best interest to speak to a personal injury attorney so that you understand your rights and what your injury is truly worth.