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Can an injured cruise boat worker pursue compensation?

Having a job on a cruise ship can be an exciting way to live your life. These jobs can come with long hours, few days off and exhausting job responsibilities. Nevertheless, for those who choose this kind of career at sea, there are usually enough perks and sufficient pay to the hard work worthwhile. That’s why suffering an injury while working at sea can be so devastating.

Sometimes, cruise boat employees suffer such severe injuries at work that they’re never able to go back to their seafaring jobs again. In these cases, the injured workers might be able to use the Jones Act to pursue financial benefits to help pay for their injuries, lost income and other expenses and financial losses that resulted from their injuries.

The Jones Act ensures many sea workers certain benefits in the event of a serious on-the-job injury. In order to qualify for injury protection under the Jones Act, the employee must be considered a “seaman.” In other words, the employee is “an individual who is assigned to a vessel or fleet that operates in navigable waters.” Another qualifier for “seaman” status could be that the worker spends at least 30 percent of their time at work on the boat.

Do you have questions about your legal rights following a cruise boat accident at sea? You might want to discuss your case with an experienced Louisiana attorney. They can provide information about your legal rights and options and, if applicable, they can help you work to pursue a claim against any parties that bear some responsibility for your injuries.