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Common injuries suffered by dock workers: It’s not an easy job

There are perks to being a dock worker. You get to work outside and use your hands instead of sitting behind a desk in an office. However, there are also some serious risks involved in this work.

Common dock worker injuries

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the many kinds of injuries that dock workers could face:

Crushing injuries and traumatic brain injuries: Working around cranes and heavy containers puts dock workers at risk of crushing injuries, broken bones, hand and arm injuries and traumatic brain injuries. These are some of the most common types of problems that dock workers may experience at work. Slips and falls can also result in broken bones, sprains and other injuries.

Lifting injuries, back and neck problems: Lifting heavy objects during the day can take its toll on the body. Many dock workers develop serious neck or back issues after a long time working under difficult conditions like this.

Toxic exposure: Diesel particles coming out of trucks and ships is another hazard that can lead to serious toxic exposure issues. So is exposure to chemicals that might be leaking from containers.

Were you injured as a dock worker in Louisiana?

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act provides medical benefits for over 25,000 dock workers and other types of employees each year. It also pays lost wages and death benefits to family members for seriously hurt or deceased dock workers. However, not all injured employees know how to maximize these valuable benefits.

If you need help navigating your dock worker injury action, our law office can help you evaluate your potential claim.