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Common risks to longshore workers

If you are considering a career as a longshoreman or harbor worker you need to consider the risks that are associated with these careers. Working on docks and on ships in Louisiana can be exciting. These professions are definitely different than working in an office for eight or more hours per day, but they are also very dangerous jobs. Let’s take a look at the risks these workers face on a daily basis.

The most common risks associated with working on a dock or on a ship include the following:

  • Slips and fall from heights or into the water
  • Drowning
  • Explosions and fires
  • Falls from scaffolding
  • Being electrocuted
  • Accidents with vehicles or other heavy machinery (cranes and forklifts)
  • Injuries from lifting heavy items

One of the most dangerous tasks a longshoreman or harbor worker will perform is walking on narrow catwalks or scaffolding. This task is done daily and is done to either secure areas of a ship or secure large containers that have been loaded onto a ship for transport.

Receiving the proper safety training on the job can help longshoremen and harbor workers avoid accidents that lead to serious injuries or death. It’s also important for employees in this industry to wear the proper protective equipment should they ever be involved in an accident.

As you can see, the risks of working as a harbor employee or a longshoreman are serious. Make sure you know the risks before accepting employment or even while you are employed. It’s best to have a solid understanding of the profession so you can protect yourself if injured.