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8 workers injured when crane strikes cruise ship

Working on cruise ships can be dangerous, as some workers recently discovered when a crane slammed into a cruise ship in the Bahamas.

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas ship was docked in the Grand Bahama Shipyard for maintenance. Therefore, no passengers were aboard when the damage occurred. However, eight workers were injured in the incident that occurred on April 1. The damage was severe enough to cause an upcoming cruise to be canceled. The dock was also reportedly destroyed in the accident.

Cruise ship workers must work long hours and live in cramped cabins with co-workers that are a great contrast to the spacious cabins enjoyed by the guests on the ship. They are often from faraway countries and may be isolated by language challenges. It is far from the dream job that many envision a life on the high seas to be.

While it wasn’t reported whether the injured workers were employees who normally work aboard the ship, some cruise ship workers who suffer injuries on the job may feel pressure to continue to work through their injuries even when they are clearly suffering and in great pain. Not getting the necessary treatment for their injuries can cause their conditions to worsen. Over time, they may become too disabled by their injuries to continue working at all.

Workers may be entitled to compensation for their maritime accidents. However, because companies often want to dodge liability after accidents occur, it might be necessary to retain a personal injury attorney to move your claim forward toward resolution and get the compensation you need and deserve.