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Human error causes most boat accidents

It’s easy to point to outside factors in a boating accident. Maybe the weather suddenly got bad, and a storm came up. Maybe the boat malfunctioned in some way out at sea. Maybe the map was wrong and did not pinpoint where the rocks and shoals actually lay.

These things do play into the overall picture, and they do cause accidents. Very safe, smart boaters still get injured or even killed because of things outside of their control.

However, these things are not the main reasons for boat accidents. As with car accidents, experts agree that human error causes most of them.

That doesn’t mean it’s your own error. If you work on a ship, a co-worker could make a mistake that causes an accident on the deck, causes the ship to run aground or even leads to the ship capsizing. If you’re on a personal watercraft, you’re probably sharing the water with plenty of other boaters — who may be drunk, distracted or careless. They can all make mistakes and cause accidents, even when you do nothing wrong.

But the key thing to remember is that your health is not always in your own hands. People make mistakes every day. These mistakes lead to very serious accidents. In retrospect, most of them could have easily been avoided, but people just did not take the proper steps to do so in advance.

If you get seriously injured or if a loved one is killed in one of these maritime accidents, then it is time to look into all of the legal rights that you have.