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Ocean fishing has myriad dangers

Ocean fishing is often referred to as one of the most dangerous professions in the world. It takes lives and leads to serious injuries. The high demand for fish means that it’s a viable career and a lot of people still turn to this trade, but they have to understand the risks.

For one thing, even doing the job in the best of conditions is taxing physical work. You have to haul cages and/or nets out of the water. With a full catch, they can weigh hundreds of pounds. Even using mechanical aids does not take all of the toll off of your body. Plus, an accident — a cage swinging against a fisherman or falling when a rope breaks, for instance — can lead to serious and even fatal injuries in mere seconds.

You also face a lot of environmental hazards. Small fishing boats get caught in storms or hit by rogue waves. Workers can be swept overboard. Boats sometimes capsize and sink. Some of them get damaged in storms and stranded at sea until help arrives. In cold weather, workers face risks from ice and slick decks. They could come down with hypothermia or other such illnesses.

In short, ocean fishing puts you into an extreme environment. Even with the right safety gear, there is no way to guarantee that you will not get injured on the job. There are just too many variables and unknowns.

If you do get hurt or if a loved one dies in a tragic accident, it is important for you to understand all of the legal rights that you have.