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Drunk passengers present a large threat to cruise workers

The summer is almost here, and it’s arguably one of the busiest times for cruise ship workers. Plenty of families are starting to book their weeks for the next few months to enjoy some relaxing time off with their families from work.

Unfortunately, some passengers take their vacation hours too far. Many incidents on cruise ships often stem from passengers having too much alcohol. These nights of heavy drinking typically result in brutal brawls or dangerous stunts that sometimes the cruise line takes heat for. Drunk passengers can also put a cruise ship’s life in danger, so it is important to be aware of recurring trends and ways to respond to these emergency situations.

Common times and places

Since most of the cruise passengers are on vacation, they don’t have to worry about a specific time and place to drink and how it will affect the next day. So you could find yourself dealing with a drunk traveler in the middle of the afternoon by the pool or in the early evening near a dining area.

However, if you know when and where they are bound to show up on land, it isn’t much different at sea. You’ll often find more intoxicated party-goers later at night near areas where they serve alcohol on the ship. Dram shop laws can still apply at sea, so bartenders should be careful on how much they serve the guest.

Responding carefully

If a passenger is acting hostile in their drunken state, you need to approach them very carefully. Contact ship security before making any attempts to engage them, and use words before taking any physical action. Making the wrong move could result in serious potential physical and legal consequences.

However, even those that follow their ship’s personal guidelines on how to deal with rowdy guests can still receive injuries in the process. After incidents like these, it is important to know what legal assistance is available for maritime injuries that can help you with the recovery process.