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Storms often strike unpredictably at sea

Getting caught in a storm is incredibly dangerous, even for those who work at sea and consider themselves prepared for the worst. You can never quite know just how bad things are going to get or how intense the wind, rain and lightning will really be. All it takes is a bit of bad luck for a storm to turn into a disaster.

One of the biggest issues with storms is that, while weather-predicting technology has gotten better over the years, it is still not perfect. Many people do not know when a storm is going to strike. For that matter, storms often build up quickly, so they can strike without warning.

Of course, you can look for the types of fronts and weather conditions that mean a storm is more likely, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always analyze the risk properly. The weather changes. People make mistakes. Ships get caught at sea with mechanical issues. There are plenty of reasons why you could find yourself in danger.

Plus, in a commercial setting, you can’t always sit tight in the harbor if there’s a slight chance of bad weather. You have deadlines to hit and deliveries to make. You have money to earn. In some cases, that money can sway better judgments, and your company could send you out into dangerous weather.

If you do get caught in a storm and you suffer injuries, make sure that you know what rights you have. These injuries could be serious and life-changing, and even minor injuries may make it impossible to work for a while as you get medical care.