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2 Shell oil rig workers are killed off the Louisiana coast

Two oil rig workers were killed and another was injured on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana on June 30. The fatal incident happened on the Shell Auger Leg Platform, which can be found 214 miles off the coast of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico, at around 9 a.m.

A press release issued by Shell Oil Company outlines how the incident occurred that fateful morning while workers were performing mandatory and routine testing of their lifeboat capabilities. The deceased oil rig workers were apparently attempting to launch and retrieve the lifeboats while working aboard the Shell Auger Tension Leg Platform (TLP) when they were killed.

Shell’s spokesperson notes that the third worker was transported to an area hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.

In their statement, Shell’s spokesperson notes that the company took time to inform the deceased workers’ families of their loved ones’ deaths before making the incident public. They noted that they were providing them with support to help them make it through this difficult time as well.

They also highlighted how their company has operated in the Gulf of Mexico’s deep waters for more than four decades. They noted that it’s always been a priority of their’s to make sure that workers return home safely to their families and friends. They noted that it’s devastating that this won’t occur in this case.

Offshore oil work is one of the most dangerous professions that you can work in. Many workers put in long hours of hard labor and get little rest. There’s lots of heavy equipment around, a risk of drowning if someone falls overboard and a constant risk of explosion or exposure to environmental hazards.

If you’ve been hurt or lost a loved while working at sea, then you should consult with an attorney who’s won millions of dollars for people like you. They can advise you of the next steps that you should take in your workplace injury case.