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Admiralty claims cover sea area as well as sea injuries

Disputes in a specific community or parish on land are often complicated, but it is usually a simple process to figure out which courts can resolve them if no other method works. Things can become less sure, however, when disputes involve territory covered by water.

  • What is the type of law that deals with injuries or disputes on the water?

Laws regarding the use and ownership of maritime property and vessels is often referred to as admiralty law. Although the grandiose title may make people think of commanders of sailing ships on the high seas of yore, the term is a reminder of the past in which these officers were assigned to enforcing admiralty law.

  • How does admiralty law affect people injured on sea vessels?

The issue is jurisdiction, or how a court can claim control on a legal issue. Under admiralty law, vessels and their owners are often under the jurisdiction of the state or country where the vessel is berthed or registered. So a ship registered in New Orleans would be governed by Louisiana civil law in the case of the lawsuit about injuries on that ship.

  • How do many people in Louisiana use admiralty law?

Most of the better known uses of admiralty law is compensation for claims relating to injuries or other problems experienced by workers at sea. An attorney can help workers get to these functions of the law after a accident on a ship, oil platform, fishing boat or other aspect of life on the water. Legal advice can be very helpful in difficult times.