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Autumn hazards for commercial fishers

Even though seasonal changes don’t affect Louisiana nearly as much as the northern states, outdoor workers need to prepare themselves for the fall months. Summer is one of the best seasons for those involved in the maritime industry, and not everyone is ready for it to come to an end.

Commercial fishers can especially have a hard time adjusting once the temperatures start dropping and the leaves change colors. Even though fall doesn’t officially start until September 23, you’ll probably experience how the seasonal changes affect your job in the weeks leading up to it. It is important to review what occupational hazards you will face as the summer comes to a close.

Higher winds

Louisiana residents are always afraid of the earlier months of fall because they take place right in the middle of hurricane season. Even if you’re fortunate not to see any critical threats like that on the forecast, you should still be cautious about the wind. Wind speeds start picking up in the fall, which can alter your boat’s direction or make you lose your balance on the vessel.

Keep an eye on the weather reports to see if there are any upcoming days with high wind speeds. High winds can affect the currents and put the vessel and everyone on it at risk. Make sure you and your coworkers also review man overboard safety techniques since windy days can negatively affect a worker’s balance on the boat.

Darker days

Even though you won’t have to worry about changing your clocks until November, expect to start seeing earlier sunrises and sunsets than what you’re used to. You may have to change when you sail out and when you perform certain tasks to adjust to the lack of sunlight. Some workers may even have to change their sleeping schedules and daily routines outside of work.

Many commercial fishers are used to operating in the dark hours of the morning and evening. However, the same can’t be said for other maritime workers or other people out at sea for recreational activities. If you suffer any accidents from a reckless boat owner out at sea, contact an experienced maritime injury attorney to help you seek compensation.