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Dredge worker injured on board needed Jones Act protection

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Jones Act

When your feet are on land, you can take a lot for granted. Then everything changes when you set foot on a boat or ship headed for trade waters. One of those changes is an employer’s liability if you are injured or sickened on the job.

In the same way that workers’ compensation laws in Louisiana and other states guarantee medical help financing in this case, the Jones Act covers American workers at sea or working in interstate commerce on the water. Sometimes, seamen and other maritime workers have to fight for these rights.

A worker on a dredge vessel, which generally works to deepen and widen shipping routes, apparently suffered a traumatic brain injury while on board. The injury was serious enough to affect his memory among other problems. According to the worker, his employer did not offer prompt medical attention even though it was obvious he could not tend to his duties.

Medical care was delayed until the worker started suffering seizures and memory loss. His claim states that his employer failed to provide required medical care in a timely manner. Since the Jones Act would cover the vessel and his type of work, a lawsuit also alleges negligence under the federal law.

Workers injured on the water or while engaged in work connected to sea or river trade have the right to claim the required benefits for their recovery. A lawyer can help build a case for damages or help fight a rejected claim to make sure maritime workers get the care they need and can get back to work.