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Liftboat accident caused workplace injuries

Liability may be complicated in a motor vehicle accident, but jurisdiction is usually clear. The court in the parish where an accident happened can rule on any criminal act or civil liability connected to a collision. But where do we turn if an accident occurs on the water?

This is a constant question for many maritime workers and others who spend time in the Gulf of Mexico. Who can help in the case of an emergency that causes an injury or damage? Fortunately, the federal government often takes over where the state boundaries end a few miles off the coast.

An accident involving a liftboat several miles off the coast of the Bayou State caused several injuries that may qualify as the result of a maritime accident. Crewmembers and offshore workers were forced to abandon the capsizing vessel, causing three injuries and releasing 1,000 gallons of hydraulic oil into the gulf.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined the vessel overturned due to an industry practice that stops short of letting operators know everything they need to about the composition of the seabed. If the crew of this vessel was looking for help with treatment of the resultant injuries, a claim under the Jones Act may apply.

Offshore workers and crews on ships who were injured in the workplace have the right to seek compensation under the federal laws governing maritime accidents. An attorney can help review the details of a specific injury and counsel victims and their families on whether the Jones Act or other related can support a claim.