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The risks of paint clean-up waste

Shipyard workers face a host of risks on the job. They often have to work around heavy machinery, for instance, or they may get exposed to dangerous chemicals. They can get hurt in many different types of accidents, and these injuries can change the course of their careers.

One thing that perhaps does not get enough attention, though, is the risks of paint clean-up waste. Many shipyards are heavily involved in painting and surface-coating procedures. This can lead to overspray, chemical inhalation and a lot of waste products that must be cleaned up and disposed of properly.

The Louisiana government notes that this waste generated by painting may be:

  • Flammable, posing a serious burn risk. Some chemicals, especially in enclosed spaces, could cause explosions.
  • Hazardous due to the chemicals they contain. Workers who get exposed to contact on their skin, in their eyes or through inhalation may face serious medical concerns.

The longer someone works in a shipyard, the greater the risks may become. Safety standards must be met every single day, on every single job. All it takes is one mistake or oversight for workers to get seriously injured. It’s also important to note that some types of exposure get worse over time. Will long-term chemical exposure have health ramifications that will not be apparent until years after the fact?

Shipyard workers need to understand these risks so that, first and foremost, they can take steps to keep themselves and others safe. That said, accidents happen. Workers get hurt. That’s when they need to understand all of their rights to compensation.