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What type of workers travel on cruise ships?

If you’re interested in learning about cruise ship jobs — and the risks that come with them — you should know that these jobs can vary tremendously. A cruise ship is a floating city. The staff it takes to keep it running smoothly for the guests is enormous.

On other types of ships, like freighters and cargo ships, most of the crew is directly involved with the operation of the ship itself. On a cruise ship, you have plenty of workers who have nothing to do with the boat and are only there to connect with the guests. Examples include:

  • Entertainers, like musicians, dancers and comedians
  • Food services workers, like cooks, bakers, bartenders and waitstaff
  • Hospitality workers, such as maids and cleaning crews
  • Medical workers, such as doctors and emergency workers
  • Specialty staff members, like spa workers, massage therapists and salon operators
  • Safety workers, from security guards to lifeguards by the pool

All of these people could also be found at many coastline resorts. The cruise ship provides much of the same experience.

Of course, you then have the staff that actually runs the ship. Job titles include:

  • Deck Officers
  • The Deck Fitter
  • Safety Officers
  • The Bosun
  • The Chief Engineer
  • Electricians
  • Engineer Officers
  • The E/R Fitter
  • And many more

A cruise ship is unique in that all of these people work side-by-side, though doing very different jobs. One thing that they share, though, is the risk of being injured on the job. This could happen through a simple slip-and-fall accident, a major accident where a ship runs aground and everything in between. Those who suffer injuries need to know what legal options they have.