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3 Common hazards that await cruise ship workers

Whether you’re a crew member or an entertainer, a repair worker or food server, you put in the effort to make sure your passengers enjoy themselves and stay safe while on board a cruise ship. But while you may work hard to keep any threats to your passengers’ safety at bay, there are also hazards that can put you in danger that you should be aware of.


Kitchen accidents

If you’re a member of the kitchen staff, you know that it can become a chaotic space. After all, you’re likely working tirelessly to provide a constant stream of food and nourishment for the cruise ship guests.

But amidst the chaos, accidents can happen easily. A spilled mess might go unnoticed, only to cause a slip-and-fall incident. Hot steam or kitchen fires can cause serious burns. Working with knives and other cutlery can lead to cuts and lacerations that require immediate medical attention.

Especially if you’re a staff member just visiting the kitchens to pass on a message or make an announcement, you might be even more prone to these incidents if you aren’t careful.


An outbreak of a virus on a cruise ship isn’t good news for anyone on board — including employees. Whether it’s a contagious illness or a food-borne disease, crew members and other staff members alike are at risk of contracting something that can lead to long-term health complications.

As a staff member, you may be particularly at risk because you put in long, sometimes rigorous hours to ensure that your passengers are having a good time. You may not realize you’re burning out your immune system until it’s too late.

Back problems

While some jobs on a cruise ship don’t require a whole lot of physical activity, others often require long hours of constant physical labor. Whether you’re doing endless loads of laundry, hauling heavy luggage, bending over to make repairs or scrubbing away at the deck, you can easily sprain, strain or throw out your back. And once this happens, it can be impossible to continue to perform your job — let alone move — with a back injury.

Seek help for your injuries

Knowing what hazards might await you as a cruise ship worker can help you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your coworkers safe. If, however, an accident occurs that causes serious and debilitating injury to you, don’t hesitate to explore your legal options as a maritime worker.