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If you are an ablebodied seaman or other maritme worker, if you get injured on the job, you could face months out of work. That’s if you are able to return to work at all. The injuries that you suffer could render you unable to ever hold a job in this physically grueling industry again.

If the latter is the case, how will you pay your bills and support yourself and your family? You may be able to be retrained to work in another industry, but training programs aren’t free and can last for a year or more. You’re going to need some financial assistance to cushion the blow and ease you into a new field or industry.

That’s why we encourage injured Louisiana dockworkers and others who suffer maritime injuries to contact us as soon as possible after their injuries. We can help direct them to resources that can help them during these financially challenging times. We can file a claim for damages under the Jones Act for your injuries and other losses.

Since maritime laws are different from personal injury statutes, you will need a legal advocate well-versed in practicing this type of law. We have decades of experience in fighting for the rights of injured seamen and others.

We will assess and evaluate your case and offer a plan of action going forward. Your first obligation is to heal and recover as much as is possible after you suffered your injury. With us at the helm of your case, you can direct all your energies toward getting better.