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Commercial fishermen are at risk of injury: Protect yourself

There are many reasons why people get hurt when working as commercial fishermen. From poor weather conditions to a lack of training, the reasons add up and make any fishing excursion more dangerous.

Did you know that commercial fishing is one of the most hazardous occupations in the country? It has a fatality rate that is 29 times higher than the national average.

What are the major dangers to fishermen?

Some of the most significant risks come from the machinery used on deck, falls overboard and vessel disasters, like accidents or explosions. Other risks exist, though, such as diving injuries and even on-shore injuries like falling from a dock and drowning while working.

What can you do to make your workplace safer as a fisherman?

It’s important, firstly, for fishermen to know what the weather is going to be like any time they’re going out on the water. Poor weather conditions are one of the main causes of injuries, because those conditions can lead to the capsizing of a vessel or result in someone falling overboard. There is a risk of electrocution from lighting and could be a risk of injury from heavy waves jostling the ship.

Another thing to make sure you do is to learn about the safety equipment that you have on board. Know what you’re supposed to wear when you’re working and about the techniques you’re meant to use when you work. You should always know where to find first-aid kits and tools to make your job safer.

If you are hurt while working as a seaman, you may be able to seek compensation. Your attorney can help you look into your options.