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What can you do to prevent accidents on a barge?

Working on a barge has been something you have really enjoyed, but recently you’ve been noticing more and more people getting hurt. Working on a barge has always been dangerous, but with your latest batch of coworkers, there has already been a crushing injury, a herniated disc and injuries to one person’s hands.

You want to do all you can to prevent any further injuries. So, what should you do?

Your employer should have strict barge desk guidelines for your team

The deck is where many incidents take place. How can you prevent them? Some common techniques are to:

  • Use non-slip protective decking
  • Painting the perimeter of the barge to prevent fall accidents
  • Paint tripping hazards a bright or noticeable color
  • Keep stairs, doorways and walkways free of any kind of equipment or materials that could cause falls
  • Secure all gear and equipment when it’s not being used
  • Clean up and report spills
  • Maintain clean walkways

Employees can take steps to stay safe, too.

You don’t have to wait for your employer to take safety measures of your own. Some good ideas include:

  • Modifying how you walk to match the surface
  • Never running to get from one place to another
  • Avoiding walking on hatch covers
  • Avoiding walking along unguarded edges
  • Avoid being on deck when there is reduced visibility

Of course, you may not always be able to avoid walking on a wet deck or going out on the water when it’s dark, so take care to light up areas and wear the right personal protective equipment. Taking safety steps now can help you start to reduce the risks to yourself and others on your barge.