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You have been a commercial diver for around a year, and you were happy when you were signed onto a new project. You had heard good things about the company before, and you expected that the employer would be as reasonable and cautious as past employers had been.

You were a little bit surprised when the initial plan was to send you into the ocean on your own. In most cases, you’d worked with a buddy system, because the ocean current and environment can be unpredictable. Things can go wrong quickly underwater, so working in pairs is normally a must.

You decided just to go and get the job done as requested, but when you did, you had a very hard time seeing. Visibility was low, but you felt like you could finish the job.

Around when you were ready to return to the surface, you got caught on some foliage. You were able to let the team know that you were caught and that your oxygen tank only had a small amount of time left. They assured you they’d be down to help, but by the time they got to you, you had already been without oxygen for several minutes.

You lived, but not without complications from the incident. You have a moderate brain injury from going without oxygen, and you may no longer be able to dive. This kind of situation should have been avoidable, but your employer’s lax safety standards allowed it to happen.

If you are hurt on the job, remember that you can pursue compensation. Your accident could have been prevented with the right safety knowledge and techniques.