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Watch out for falls when you use gangways

It’s essential that your team is up to date on the latest safety techniques and requirements in order to keep you and others safe while you’re working. Unsafe practices can lead to gangway accidents on ships, which could leave you with lasting injuries or disabilities.

There are many people who have suffered from serious injuries as a result of falling from gangways. Sometimes, these gangways are in poor condition or are badly rigged. Other times, the crew is not trained well, and dangerous working practices cause problems.

In your case, the accident may have happened as the gangway was being rigged up. It’s always going to be dangerous to rig the stanchions. It’s also important to be cautious while rigging the side ropes, as there isn’t much to hold onto while you work.

Many ships today have helpful gangway safety wires, and you may want to talk to your employer about getting one if yours does not. This is a helpful wire that attaches to a safety harness in order to give you more freedom in your movements and protects you from unnecessary falls.

Another risk with gangways is that the workers who are using them don’t usually have life jackets or safety harnesses. If you do fall into the water and are unable to swim to shore or are badly injured, you could end up drowning as a result.

Safe gangway procedures are important to protecting yourself and other workers. If you or someone else is harmed as a result of a fall, you may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries.