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Are divers covered under the Jones Act? Possibly

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Jones Act

Did you know that the Jones Act is among the most widely recognized laws that helps to protect maritime workers and injured seamen? This helpful act is designed to protect your right to compensation and other benefits in case you are hurt while working at sea or in other limited circumstances.

In your job, you dive for your employer. You head out to sea with the entire crew on your vessel, and you are there to do a job. Did you know that you may be covered by the Jones Act as well?

Commercial divers aren’t always considered to be seamen, but when they are, they are covered by the Jones Act. There are three requirements that divers must meet to qualify including:

  • Having a connection to a vessel that is actively working. This applies to working for multiple vessels or as a freelance worker as well.
  • Contributing significant work to the vessel.
  • The nature of the craft and if it qualifies as a vessel for the purposes of the Jones Act.

Interestingly, not all divers who work for maritime companies will qualify for protection through the Jones Act, though many do. If you’re not sure if you will qualify for protection, you can talk to your employer about their vessel and if the Jones Act applies. If they are unsure or can’t answer your questions, you can find more information about the Jones Act on our website. If you need to make a claim over an injury, the Jones Act may be there to help you get the greatest compensation.