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Golden Ray hearing finds why the ship tipped unexpectedly

If you remember the incident of the Golden Ray capsizing, then you’ll be interested to know that the hearing for the incident was scheduled for Sept. 14, 2020. The hearing looked into the capsizing of the large vessel as well as the pollution of the waters in Georgia that resulted.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, this hearing is going to focus on the overall condition of the vessel. As of Sept. 2020, the vessel is still lying on its side in the St. Simons Sound. It had run aground and capsized on its way out to open water after exiting the Port of Brunswick.

A seven-day hearing’s results have been released, stating that it was likely instability from cargo that resulted in the ship tipping over. It’s believed that the ship’s center of gravity was too high, and that’s what caused it to capsize. Adding more ballast tanks would potentially have provided the stability that the ship needed, but they were not full enough.

The captain and several people on board were caught off-guard when the pilot made a 20-degree rudder command to starboard and suddenly felt the ship lurch. The pilot believes that he over-rotated the ship, but his attempts to correct that error didn’t work. Instead, the ship started listing and eventually completely capsized.

It’s worth noting that the ship wasn’t in compliance with the stability codes that have been established for large vessels. At least four people were injured in the incident.

When accidents like this happen, it is important that they are investigated. The findings may help prevent similar maritime accidents from happening in the future.