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How many kinds of maritime accidents can you name?

As someone who works on a dock, at sea or in a shipyard, you’re familiar with some of the common accidents and injuries that take place. You know that you may be walking in slick areas, that you could be exposed to live sea life and that there is heavy machinery around you. You know that the weather can have an impact on your day, and you’re aware that you have to be cautious about what you wear to prevent hypothermia or other conditions.

There are dozens of ways to get hurt in the maritime industry, but how many can you name? Here are five of the most common maritime accidents.

1. Offshore oil rig accidents

Offshore rigs can have a number of hazards, from the flammability of the oil that is being collected to exposure to the elements.

2. Tugboat collisions

Tugboats are smaller than many other kinds of vessels, which puts them at risk of being hit when they’re coming into port or traveling in a shipping lane.

3. Grounding crashes

Grounding a boat can lead to serious consequences. A sudden grounding can throw people overboard, lead to serious injuries on board and even sink a ship.

4. Crane mistakes

When using a crane, the crew has to be cautious. Faulty wires or winches could lead to fatal accidents.

5. Diving accidents

From getting the bends from coming up to get air too quickly to getting caught up in a current and whisked away, divers risk injury every time they enter the water.

These five injuries can all happen in this industry. Be cautious, but if you do get hurt, remember that you may have a right to compensation.