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What are some on-the-job dangers shipyard workers face?

Many maritime professions involve strenuous labor. Shipyard work isn’t very different in that aspect of things. There are specific hazards that these workers have to contend with that are unique to this profession.

Shipyard workers regularly work around heavy machinery that requires skill to operate. It’s not uncommon for employees in this industry to get hurt because of a lack of training in using this equipment.

Another danger that shipyard workers face is the risk of developing mesothelioma or asbestosis. The mineral asbestos was a key component to building ships in the past. Shipyard workers are most apt to ingest cancer-causing substances such as asbestos when working around or building these water vessels. It can take a great deal of time after exposure for you to show symptoms of the disease. It’s often too late for a patient to receive any life-saving treatment once signs of illness emerge.

Shipyard workers are also vulnerable to suffering slips and falls. These incidents can result in head injuries, fractures and amputations as employees often fall from high elevations. Drownings often happen as well.

Other injury risks that shipyard workers face include burn and suffocation ones. These employees often work in tight quarters, which puts them at risk for suffocation. It’s not uncommon for electrical problems to quickly spread, causing a fire to break out either. It may be hard for shipyard workers to get away from these fast enough to avoid burns.

There is a multitude of dangers that shipyard workers face during their workday. While undergoing additional training and taking preventative safety measures can reduce their chances of getting hurt, there are unpredictable situations these workers may walk into that may quickly unravel or are too big to handle. It’s in instances like these that they may get hurt.

Fortunately, laws on the books may allow you to recover much-needed compensation if you suffer injuries on the job. A Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act attorney can advise you of your right to compensation in your Louisiana case.