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What are the most common diving injuries?

Commercial diving in Louisiana can be an exciting job, but it’s also one of the riskiest jobs in the industry. Divers can suffer from a wide range of injuries and illnesses that are often painful and debilitating. Here are some of the most common diving-related illnesses.

What are the most common diving-related illnesses?

Many divers suffer from ear barotrauma. This disorder occurs when the diver neglects to equalize their pressure, causing damage to the inner ear. Symptoms can include ear pain, vertigo, nausea, swelling, muffled hearing, painful swallowing, ringing ears and fluid oozing from the ear. For treatment, they might wish to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Another common illness is decompression sickness. This occurs when a diver experiences a sudden drop in pressure. They might suffer from pain, fatigue, rash, itching and joint pain. A diver should always consult a doctor if they think they’re suffering from decompression sickness.

Finally, exposure to venom and toxins is a common cause of diving-related illnesses. Coral scratches, jellyfish stings and encounters with other venomous creatures can cause various symptoms. Divers should see a doctor at once if they have an encounter with a toxic creature. If they think they have a personal injury lawsuit on their hands, they might wish to contact an attorney with experience in admiralty and maritime law.

Can an attorney help a diver who was injured on the job?

Many diving injuries and illnesses are preventable. If you’re a diver who suffers from an injury due to unsafe working conditions, you might want to speak with an attorney about a potential lawsuit. An attorney might be able to educate you about your rights and help you file a workers’ compensation claim. If your claim is denied, your attorney may help you file an appeal or pursue legal action if the case escalates.