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Injuries at sea can lead to compensation

Admiralty and maritime law can be complicated, especially for laypeople. There are special risks for people who work at sea, and there are particular laws that apply to that line of work. Residents of Louisiana should be aware of the risks to these workers and what they should do if injured.

Getting injured on the water

Working on the water can present special challenges. Water is an environment that’s hostile to human beings. It’s uniquely dangerous compared to land because of the risk of drowning. It’s also different, operationally, from working on land. For example, as boats rock on the waves, it’s easier for people to lose their balance. In those conditions, it’s possible for workers on boats to hurt themselves doing normal tasks like walking.

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to determine who is responsible for these injuries as they occur. If the worker is classified as an employee, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Often, however, workers on boats are hired on as independent contractors. That means that if they’re injured, they may not be eligible for workers’ compensation. Instead, they may have to sue for damages with the help of a maritime law attorney.

Receiving compensation

Accidents can happen to employees on cruise ships, to divers, to fishermen and to boat captains. Even dockworkers and offshore construction workers are at risk. Admiralty and maritime law can apply in all of those situations, should an injury occur. In those cases, it’s a good idea to consult with an experienced lawyer. A legal professional may help workers understand if they have a case and what damages they should pursue.