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Professional divers are in high demand across many industries. Maybe you do maintenance and repairs for an offshore oil rig. Perhaps you assist with salvage or cleanup operations. Or maybe you do deep-sea saturation diving. These careers involve tough, technical work in extreme environments. Yet few other jobs offer the same level of excitement and challenge as diving for a living.

As a commercial diver, you know the job comes with risks. You do everything you can to stay safe — and you count on your employer and coworkers to do the same. You also trust that you won’t be left high and dry if something goes wrong.

Accidents can leave you severely injured or disabled, but they shouldn’t leave you broke.

Decades Of Experience Helping People Like You

When you need guidance on your legal claims after a commercial diving accident, turn to the law firm of Larry Curtis in Louisiana. We focus on maritime law and have done so for nearly four decades. As a result, our attorney provides a high level of knowledge and experience that you won’t find at many other firms.

The nature of your work on an oil platform or vessel — and whether you’re an employee or contractor — can affect your options for getting compensation. After taking a close look at your situation, we can tell you:

  • Whether you qualify for the protections available to seamen under the Jones Act or other applicable laws
  • What types of damages you may be entitled to
  • What to expect throughout the legal process

Lost A Loved One To A Commercial Diving Accident?

Diving accidents affect not only divers themselves, but also their families. Nothing can prepare you for the phone call or knock on the door delivering the terrible news that your loved one is gone.

Sorting through your legal options after such a tragic loss can be stressful. Let our lawyers take on that burden. We’ll examine whether you have claims under the Jones Act, the Death on the High Seas Act or other applicable laws.

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