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Crew members are the backbones of cruise ships. They keep the ships running, care for the guests and provide a wide range of skills and services on board.

Cruise ships across the Gulf Coast employ thousands of crew members. For many, working on a cruise ship offers excitement, adventure and the opportunity to travel to beautiful places. Yet it’s also hard work, with long hours and sometimes dangerous conditions. Workers of all types can end up suffering injuries from hazards such as:

  • Falls
  • Fires
  • Electrical shock
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Heavy lifting
  • Outbreaks of preventable illnesses (such as food poisoning)

How Can You Get The Financial Help You Need?

What are your options if you’ve been injured on the job? It’s important to know that you may have rights under a federal maritime law called the Jones Act. This law provides protections for certain maritime workers (or “seamen”) who get hurt because of their employer’s carelessness. You may have a claim for compensation under the Jones Act even if the ship was docked or at port when your injury occurred.

Depending on your situation, you may have rights under other maritime laws.

When The Unthinkable Happens To A Loved One

In rare situations, crew members are tragically killed on cruise ships from falls, fires or other dangers. If you lost a loved one in a cruise ship accident, you may be entitled to compensation and benefits. Of course, money can’t bring your loved one back, but it can make the road ahead a little easier for you during this already difficult time.

Choosing The Right Lawyer

Maritime law for injured cruise ship workers is no easy field. Most personal injury attorneys don’t handle these cases because they require a unique level of knowledge, skill and experience. Getting the results you deserve requires working with an attorney who knows this area of law inside and out.

You’ll find trusted legal guidance at the law firm of Larry Curtis in Lafayette, Louisiana. Mr. Curtis has:

  • Decades of experience handling maritime cases
  • In-depth knowledge of the legal intricacies that apply in cruise ship injury cases
  • A widely respected reputation for his determination and dedication to clients
  • A proven record of success in winning million-plus dollar results

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